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By Moni’soi Humes

Photography by Ryan Kibler 

New York City the one place where men and women from all over the world can come and just be their self with no worry about who is looking, even if photographers are every where. Twice a year individuals from all over come to New York for Fashion Week, fierce, bold, and ready to walk the streets in style. Fashion in New York is everywhere.

By Moni’soi Humes

Photography by Kathy Low

New York City is the place to be if you are a model, Designer, or Photographer. Models from all over the world are attending casting calls for New York Fashion Week 2014.

Photographer, Kathy Low captures the images of 30 models standing, posing on the streets of the Ny. Models Imman Hammam, Emma Waldo to Prada, and Proenza favorite nodel Julia Bergshoeff, and newbies Julia Cumming and Mona Malsuka.

What other models will hit the runway with the 2015 Collections? Hope that you have an invite, because between the runway shows, events, and parties it is about to be non-stop fun.


By Moni’soi Humes

Photography by Dave Tacon

Individuals walk the street in style on Wuchang’s Street District. There are several fashion chains that are located in the area including Peace Bird, D’zzit, Ozzo & Girdear, Zara, Gap, Uniglo, & H&M. We just love these bright colors, blacks, reds, blues, yellows, white, and classy polka dot prints. 

By Moni’soi Humes

Photography by Kyle Ericksen

This was a fun enough party that took place last weekend at the New York’s Governors Island. The Twenties Group celebrate the 9th Annual Jazz Age lawn party. They wore fashion ensembles with suits, ties, old age dresses, pearls, hats, flowers, and long socks, with loafers. We are sure Kyle had a blast photographing these individuals.

by Moni’soi Humes

The world has been spreading this challenge to the every industry across the world, now the fashion industry is doing its due diligence as it takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Fashion individuals who went for the challenge were Burberry, Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Donna Karen, Gisele, Gwyneth Paltrow, Net-a-porter, Sarah Jessica Parker, Top Shop, and many more… These individuals posted images and videos via twitter and Instagram showing the world their bravery. 

We wonder who will step up and take the ice bucket challenge next.


By Moni’soi Humes ‘

"The only secret is to work"

"If you think that your life is better than your work, then their may be a problem"

Karl Lagerfeld

. It is a great idea to take the time to go back and hear from fashion legends. This exclusive interview is a favorite on ours. Karl Lagerfeld is definitely self sufficient when it comes to his career, yet this video of him as he interviews himself in 2012 takes this cake. 

If you need to be inspired, then watch this. It is a must see. It is so great how a man, a Fashion Designer, a photographer can pass off always looking the same, yet he gives women all over the world creative options when it comes to fashion, film, and his wonderful images.

By Moni’soi Humes

Recap and the #winner was #Riri. #FashionIconAward2014 #CFDA. One of the most talked about dresses of the year, however whenever does not mind the attention one bit.

This video is so hilarious with Rihanna and Anna Wintour. Everyone who loves fashion must watch this video. #MustSee #Music